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This site, including without limitation the free content, speech assessment, and on-line learning center, is designed to be an additional resource for individuals to use to address the client's speech difficulty and should be used only in this spirit. SpeechTails.com, site content, links, employed personnel, or principals do not represent the information contained within to constitute speech therapy. By no means, is it meant to replace or be a substitute in any way for consultation, diagnosis, medical advice, and one-on-one treatment by a licensed speech pathologist, other health care provider, primary care doctor, pediatrician, speech therapist, etc.

The information and programs contained within the site are general in nature (not client specific) and should not be interpreted as advice for communication difficulty for a particular person. Although the site appears to be customized to a particular client, it is not and this customized effect is for ease of use and meant to provide an enjoyable experience to all clients. The site is not exhaustive and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or physical limitation and the site or it's content has not been evaluated by the Federal Government, American Speech and Hearing Association, or any other legal entity. We make no claims as to the effectiveness of the site or it's content.

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