Speech Tails

Privacy Policy

SpeechTails.com is committed to the privacy of our clients. In summary, we do not share our client's personal or credit card information with anyone for any purpose.

I. Information Provided by Clients:

SpeechTails' goal is to provide information to our clients that is easy to understand, is usable, accurate and provides an enjoyable and user friendly atmosphere with which the parent and child can address perceived speech difficulties. Information collected falls into two categories, child personally identifiable information (name, sex, chronological age of child) and parent (or guardian) information (name, e-mail address, and credit card information). This information collected is not considered medical in nature by SpeechTails however, if a party construes the information as medical in any form the proper handling of the information as required by federal regulation is assured. Information collected is only used within SpeechTails.com in an effort to fulfill the above stated goals. Noted below are the only ways the collected information is utilized by SpeechTails.com

Child personal identifiable Information used for:

The child's name is collected as it is utilized to customize the assessment report and on-line learning center to the client. A child's age is collected as it allows SpeechTails.com to provide a general comparison of the clients perceived speech development to their peers that were studied in anonymous medical studies in the past. Since girls 'typically' develop speech sooner than boys, the sex of the child is collected in order to further increase the accuracy of the information.

Parent or Guardian information used for:

The parent's or guardian's name is used to personalize the experience. An e-mail address is used as the only means of contact which SpeechTails.com will employ. It will be used as the conduit to remind users that the term of membership is about to expire, as a means to answer questions regarding the site which the client initiated via e-mail or voice message. In addition, the e-mail address could be periodically used to inform of changes to the website, notify of new services, special offers, or to provide reminders. Credit card information will be used in order to allow the client to pay for the membership and will not be used for any other purpose.

Other non-personal Information:

This information cannot be attributed to a certain individual and is automatically provided by the user's computer. Some examples of this are pages viewed, how long each page was viewed, and time spent within SpeechTails.com. When a client comes to SpeechTails.com an address is automatically assigned to the computer for the purposes of creating reports which allow computer systems to better understand the demographics and internet traffic used. 'Cookies', a piece of data transferred from the site to the hard drive of the computer allow SpeechTails to count site traffic and better customize the site to the customers visiting.

II. Information Protection and Release:

SpeechTails utilizes security and encryption software which protects the information which is collected. While this software is highly effective, no security system can be said to be 100% effective against accidental loss or unauthorized access and disclosure. We may release information about users when required by law or to protect the rights, property, or safety of our clients, users, or SpeechTails.com.

III. Privacy when follow links:

SpeechTails in different sections of the site (Blog, links, etc.) may refer to other information or websites. This privacy policy is no longer in effect when a client leaves the SpeechTails.com website, regardless of how the client exits the site.

IV. Privacy Policy Changes and Disclaimer:

SpeechTails reserves the right to change this privacy policy as needed and those changes will be posted to this section of SpeechTails.com. Due to the nature of the internet and the untrustworthy nature of some individuals, the information provided cannot be fully guaranteed to remain private. SpeechTails is committed to the privacy of our clients and should information be accessed, stolen, or obtained in anyway, SpeechTails.com cannot be held responsible in any way.