Speech Tails

Speech Development, Readiness, and Correction System to help your child

We provide the speech tools to empower you to help your child develop speech properly or overcome their speech delay

Speech Correction Using SpeechTails

  • A speech therapy toolbox developed by a Speech Pathologist
  • Drill work, videos, fun activities, mouth placement, homework ideas, more...
  • The self-pacing system guides you through the learning process
  • System allows early intervention and parent involvement
  • Affordable, you are not dependent on qualifying for speech services
  • Proactively address speech learning
  • Address speech learning in the privacy of your home

Learning to Speak Using SpeechTails

  • Prepare your child for school by ensuring they develop their speech correctly
  • Proper speech allows the child to concentrate on learning other subjects
  • Award winning speech development system designed by a Speech Pathologist to guide you
  • Proactive approach to avoiding future costly speech therapy
  • Age appropriate speech eliminates; stigma, self-confidence factors, and frustration
  • Used by homeschoolers, day care, individuals, anywhere that internet is available

"I really enjoyed using SpeechTails with my son. We’ve seen tremendous growth this summer!"