Speech Tails

Fun and Engaging Speech Articulation Games

Learning speech and language should be fun and engaging. Games for speech therapy not only keep your child’s imagination running, they have also been proven to improve speech patterns and articulation.

SpeechTails includes a selection of speech therapy games, exercises, and activities designed to help your child receive and properly articulate language. While these are meant to be supplemental devices, they play an important role in keeping your child focused and interested in speech development and correction.

Speech Games Developed for Kids

Our games have been developed to help children with all types of speech and articulation problems, from speech delays, and slurring, to autism-related problems. Speech-language pathologists will also find great speech therapy ideas from our list, as our tool is designed for use both at-home and within traditional sessions.

Children can greatly benefit from doing one of our games or activities a few times a week. If there’s a specific area or skill that you want your child to work on, we have just the right resources for that. From articulation cards, puzzles, auditory games, to matching activities, you have many options to spice up your child’s learning experience.

Complete your speech therapy sessions with Speech Tail’s vast resource of games to play with your child. Get in touch with us, today, or try our free Speech Screener.

Here is a list of my favorite games to use as tools during speech sessions.

  • “Candy Land” Milton Bradley/Hasbro
  • “Sequencing for Kids” Jaxgames
  • “Chutes & Ladders” Milton Bradley/Hasbro
  • “Feed the Kitty” Gamewright
  • “Lucky Ducks” Milton Bradley
  • “Barnyard Bingo” Fisher Price
    Children love to take the animals in and out of the barn! Matching and naming are the goal.
  • “Go Fish Game”
    Asking questions; do you have a ____?
  • “I Never Forget a Face Matching Game” eeBoo
    Great game for matching, describing, talking about similarities and differences.
  • “Guess Who?” Milton Bradley/Hasbro
    Adding descriptors, great for working on 'who?' questions.
  • “Guess Where?” Milton Bradley
    Awesome for asking questions, working on /r/ sounds, categorizing thoughts (i.e., upstairs, downstairs, if/then activities)
  • “Memory Games” Milton Bradley
    All are great, especially ones with activities that work on verb usage (i.e., Dora is riding a horse, Elmo is playing with a kite).
  • “Teddy Mix & Match” Ravensburger
    Children love to look for hidden items and name the items they find along the way.
  • “I Spy Games / Puzzles” Briarpatch
  • “Colorforms Games” Colorforms
    Dress-Up Games/Silly Faces Games. Children love changing the faces/clothes on these games. Great for descriptors, lengthening sentences.
  • “Hi Ho Cherry-O Game” Milton Bradley/Hasbro
    Great and fast turn taking game to use with articulation cards.
  • “Pizza Party Game” Winning Moves Games
    Matching game.
  • “Shape of Things Game” Discovery Toys
    Great game for kids to recognize and feel shapes and put together with real life items.
  • “Hear the World. Sound Lotto Game” Discovery Toys
    Awesome listening and auditory discriminating game. Children listen to a variety of environmental sounds and find which sound goes with which picture.
  • “All Forms of Bingo” Leap Frog Bingo
    even the Bingo DVD games are great for listening, following directions and decision making.
  • “Perfection Game” Milton Bradley
  • “Ker Plunk! Game” Mattel
    Great and fast game to do with articulation cards.

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