Speech Tails

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SpeechTails empowers parents to address their child's speech delays

A speech correction toolbox developed by a Speech Pathologist and filled with tools for you to help your child with speech articulation problems

What does SpeechTails do

How Will SpeechTails Help My Child?

With SpeechTails the parent will work with their child utilizing approaches similar to those employed by Speech Pathologists all over the country. The parent can take control of their child's speech and together they can work their way through the speech difficulty.

Why should I be proactive

Why Should I be Proactive?

Studies show that early intervention is key to addressing any children's speech problem. A speech problem may hold the child back in school and later in life. Surprisingly, Speech therapy is rarely covered by insurance or in school until it is severe or is medically necessary. The most cost effective time to address a speech delay is before a problem becomes severe, SpeechTails can help.

Features Included:

The SpeechTails system uses many of the time tested approaches that a Speech Pathologist uses, and it empowers parents by providing the tools and step-by-step approach. SpeechTails contains a learning curriculum for each sound in the English language. The learning curriculums are built into your child's Individualized Lesson Plan which is their learning road map.

Each learning curriculum includes:
  • Mouth exercises to strengthen the areas of the mouth used for speech
  • Mouth placement instruction for each of the targeted sound
  • Engaging and fun videos that include drill work
  • Fun activities to incorporate using the sound during day-to-day activities
  • Homework exercises which provide fun ways to work on the sound at home
Additional Features:
  • 24/7 access to your Individualized Lesson Plan
  • Add as many sounds as you desire
  • Unlimited use of the award winning learning modules
  • Free trial, no obligation
  • Guidance to your speech questions

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Proven to show increasing results

I have spent hours upon hours searching through hundreds of products, subscribing to or purchasing them, and then having to cancel a subscription or return an item... Your product, on the other hand, has been so user friendly, and has proven to show increasing results in my daughters speech when used on a continuum.

Parent & Teacher

- Dawn B. Parent & Home School Teacher