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Our parent friendly speech learning tool will help accelerate your child’s progress!
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child to identify speech problems

Are You A Parent?

Have you noticed problems with your child’s speech but aren’t sure how to correct them? Speechtails will give you the roadmap and tools needed to help alleviate your child’s speech problems.

Speechtails is a highly effective, parent friendly speech learning tool used by parents worldwide in combination with a Speech Pathologists to help speech development issues with children.

Your child’s speech problems won’t get better without action! Make the first step and have your child take our Speech Screener now.

Chat with a Speech Pathologist

Addressing your child’s speech problems can be an overwhelming and confusing task when on your own. To help guide you we have licensed speech pathologists ready and eager to chat with you.

The first step is to complete our speech screener with your child to gain our free report. Then schedule a time to chat to review your child’s report and develop a successful game plan.

Are You a Professional?

Are you looking to maximize efficiency in-order to help more kids and decrease paperwork? Speechtails will give you the necessary tools to skyrocket efficiency and help increase your success rate with your patients.

Speechtails is a toolbox used with children to help Speech Language Pathologists improve efficiency, reduce paperwork and supplement learning between learning sessions in order to successfully help more children and increase service offerings.

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  • Testimonial

    "I think it is terrific!"

    Speechtails is very well-thought out in all aspects and provides a great opportunity for instruction and carryover of skills into natural environments... I think it is terrific that it involves parents and children working together but is also so child-friendly that many kids can work on the tasks even by themselves.

    -Sarah (speech language pathologist)

  • Testimonial

    “Proven to Show Increasing Results”

    I have spent hours upon gruelingly exhaustive hours searching through hundreds of products, subscribing to or purchasing them, and then having to cancel a subscription or return an item... Your product, on the other hand, has been so user friendly, and has proven to show increasing results in my daughters speech when used on a continuum.

    -Dawn (parent & home school teacher)

  • Testimonial

    “We’ve Seen Tremendous Growth”

    I really enjoyed using this online tool with my son We’ve seen tremendous growth this summer! We have told many friends about Speech Tails.

    -Allana (parent)

What’s Inside of Speechtails

Our speech learning tool has empowered hundreds of parents worldwide to help improve their child’s speech. Once a Speechtails member you will have access to:

  • Easy to follow speech curriculum
  • Fun exercises and homework
  • Additional tips and speech resources

...and more!

Receive your child’s free speech report, curriculum and Speechtails 30 day membership free!

To get started sit down with your child for 10 minutes and take the speech screener now.

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Spend 10 minutes with your

child to identify speech problems